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** Some Important FAQs **

## Error 404 or Error 403 – User Rate Limit Exceeded! ~ GDTOT

Ans: There maybe few reason you can get this error while downloading from GDTOT.

  1. To many downloads: If there are too many downloads happened in last 24 hours then this problem may occurs. Google has some limitations read this. Solution: Try downloading after 24 hours.
  2. Your drive storage is full or not sufficient for downloading the file: Check your drive storage. Make it empty by deleting old files. See in trash and Empty trash.

## Error 404 or Error 403 – User Rate Limit Exceeded! ~ DIRECT

Ans: Google has some limitations (750GB Bandwidth per day). Solution: Try downloading after 24 hours.

## GDTOT not opening ~ Host Error!

Ans: Could be Server Maintenance or Other Technical problems. Wait for a few hours or days to fix it automatically.

## File Not Found/Deleted – GDTOT

Ans: We have backup of each and every file so Contact us or comment in the particular post! ASAP!

## Telega.ph not opening!

Ans; please try with other browser or device. You can also try vpn.

## OlaMovies is not opening sometimes! Server or Host error!

Ans: Please check back in a few hours or Try using VPN/Proxy.

We don’t prefer low resolution or low quality movies. So don’t request low quality. If movies are rare to find then low quality is ok.

My goal was to give you guyz highest quality content possible. My suggestion is for you to download movies first and then watch movies from a good video player. I recommend MPC-HC, KMPlayer, VLC-Media Player for pc and Mx Player Pro for android mobile.

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