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** Some Important FAQs **

## It’s saying error after some time while downloading via sharer and klop!

Ans: Please check your drive storage, if it’s full then delete somefiles to download more files. Also check your trash folder and Empty your trash.

## Invalid Credentials, Session Expired – Klop!

Ans: Logout from Klop and Login again!

## Getting error after clicking download button – Sharer!

Ans: Sometimes it shows error! Please kindly check your MyDrive/Sharer.pw Folder. The file should’ve been already added there.

## Server or Host Error! – Sharer/Klop

Ans: Please check after a few hours. It’s most probably their maintenance update.

## Telega.ph not opening!

Ans; please try with other browser or device. You can also try vpn.

## OlaMovies is not opening sometimes! Server or Host error!

Ans: Please check back in a few hours or Try using VPN/Proxy.

## File has been deleted, due to copyright! – Sharer

Ans: Please check after some days. If it’s still showing then comment in the post or contact us for dead links.

## File Not Found/Deleted – Klop

Ans: We have backup of each and every file so Contact us or comment in the post! ASAP!

** THis is a 10Bit Based WEBsiTE. So, Don’t expect us to share x264 formats. Though, we’ve shared some x264 because of the rareness.

My goal was to give you guyz highest quality content possible. My suggestion is for you to download movies first and then watch movies from a good video player. I recommend MPC-HC, KMPlayer, VLC-Media Player for pc and Mx Player Pro for android mobile.

## #### More Question will be added eventually!! ######


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